Sunday, 30 January 2011

Isn't it funny?

These days are pleasant. They take my mind of what I know is under my skin somewhere, hiding, waiting to come out again when I get to the best point of my life.
I can almost taste it.
I've missed this, being allowed to be crazy, or you know, just honest? I've missed writing to you.
Whoever you are, when all I see is silence.
I'm sorry for clogging your blogrolls, I don't think I'll be home for a while again. Lets say goodbye and go on with life, as if we never spoke.
As if we never existed. It happens all the time, a blogger disappears, and noone asks why.
Or maybe they disappeared because noone ever asks why.
Mmmm. I have a whole life, I know my illness won't disappear. But I can hide it again. I have a new chance.

I don't believe in 'well'. Get better, tell everyone you know with an eating disorder: 'get better'
There's no such things as well, it's always there now.

It's been lovely to have you in my life for a while, I'm happy. I'm happy with an ED, it's okay. I have a lovely boyfriend now.
Have a good time, I'm sure I'll be back one day :) xx