Sunday, 19 June 2011

Long Time

Exams done..writing a massive essay for a psychology competition at stuff...
Exhausted. Trying to keep up with everything else, run down, tired.
Concerned about J. My J, new J. JG. We don't really talk, we
And keep living. If something happens, we don't talk, we just live and keep going.
Got big decisions to make. Which uni, which course, which town.
What job, what house, what life? How many children and what type of dog.
Seems too much for a 16 year old.
They want me to pick a uni when I can't even legally drink, or place a bet.
Well I'm gambling with my life aren't I? I need something to wash it down with.
And J, well, I love him.
But not enough, because it's never enough.
And I'm always running to someone else.