Sunday, 19 December 2010

Where have I been?

Well, nearly xmas, very excited. Getting an A is psychology, makes me pleased..
Me and J broke up and I'm seeing a guy...lets call him JM :) he's lovely.
The whole fluid in arms thing? I was experiencing amphetamine psychosis...scary stuff guys!! I don't take ti too often, but sometimes. I'm getting some as an xmas gift off J :P

Have made lots of new friends at my college, I'm happy about that. Also, there's an anorexic girl there, she seems so timid and shy. I want to talk to her...but what is there to say? I look fairly averaged sized, you'd never know I use drugs to stop eating and throw up/restrict....i'm average but on the skinny side, i suppose.
Hate to say that, I know you don't believe me. You think I'm fat too :/

Hopefully be hearing more from me x
Much love!