Thursday, 30 September 2010

I'm sorry...

I died for a little while, I'm sorry..
I started college, me and J broke up, for good this time.
I like? Or liked? a guy at college. He's called J aswell, but a different J. Lets call him A :)
Well yeah, A is nice, we're friends, he's lovely but not interested. I was...I must stop.
And this has sparked something inside me, maybe the reinforcement I needed. I'm not wanted. No matter how I felt with J, noone else wants me now. And it's because I'm fat. I need to be thinner.
So this is me, back again. When things go bad, I revert back to being me.
I'm 5"3.
I'm 7 stone 9, which is 107lbs.
My BMI is 19.
And within the month I want to be underweight
And within the month I will be below 100.

Watch me.